IPTV.iQ business solutions

Make your business grow faster

Benefits to you

The IPTV.iQ multifunctional middleware will enable you to personalize the information provided to the customers, to receive and analyze the statistics on customer needs, to monitor and manage the condition of the equipment, to provide additional paid services.


CMS (Content Management System)

Modern content management system does not require any specific knowledge. It is easy and quick to upload, edit, delete selected information on the system.


The system provides statistics that allows to analyse and expand the list of features, satisfying needs of the most demanding customers. This is achieved by monitoring stored client data.


We will provide all technology support and feature development issues. In case of a problem, we will provide professional advice.

Technical documentation, manuals

We provide all necessary information of the product as well as detailed instructions for its use.


It is a technology that is easy to adjust and customize to the existing systems. The functionality of the product may be expanded at any time.


User has an ability to select the language, that allows easily and conveniently to manage the system.

Open standards

They ensure that the product will be accessible to all and will not be tied to any particular service provider or group of service providers.


HD graphical user interface

HD ensures a high quality video, intuitive and modern structure of the interface will allow convenient and easy management of the system.

Interface themes

Choose desired colour and change the font size of the graphical TV user interface.


Adjust and customize the graphical interface to a set-top box of any manufacturer.

3D, HD

View impressive HD and 3D channels.

The appeal of interface

Graphic interface was designed by analysing user behaviour. It is extremely easy and simple to use all features of the interface.

Time shifting

It is a module for postponing a preview and forwarding the broadcast – customers have ability to pause or “rewind” the program that is in progress and view it later at any convenient time.