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Hospital Solutions

IPTV.iQ is a multifunctional middleware that can be installed in a variety of sectors and offer the customers an exciting IPTV services. Based on the latest technologies, the software solution will provide your health care institution with exceptional modernity: on TV screens, you will be able to introduce your patients to the detailed information about the health care institution’s services, to run advertisements of yours and your partners, to make special offers, to provide an opportunity of video calls, Internet access, etc.


Adjust and customize this technology to existing systems in the hospital easily. Expand the functionality of the product taking into account the constantly growing needs of customers.

Long-term value

This innovative product is based on the latest technological solutions. Offer services that satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers!

CMS (Content Management System)

Modern content management system does not require any specific knowledge and makes it easy and quick to upload, edit, delete selected information in the system.

Central Video Management

Opportunity to personalize advertisements shown on self-service device in order to make it more effective and targeted.

Hospital channels

Create your own TV channel and stream images from any location in the hospital (equipped with a video camera), give the customers special offers, promotional information.

Promotional channels

Offer your customers a wide range of advertisements corresponding to their needs. 24/7 advertising of you and your partners!


Hospital services – on the TV screen

Deliver an entire range of the hospital services in a comprehensive and attractive manner on the TV screen.


The Video on Demand module – offer viewing broadcasts at any time convenient for the customer. Let the television broadcast conform to the wishes of your customers!

Video calls

Give the customers an opportunity not only to hear the caller, but also to see him or her on the TV screen – more opportunities to comfortably communicate with family and friends.


Give the customers a convenient opportunity to talk to their friends on “Facebook”, watch videos on “YouTube” and enjoy other benefits on a TV screen of the internet on their spare time.


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