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“IPTV.iQ” is highly flexible middleware nominated for international awards and corresponding to the needs of most demanding customers. In response to the changing needs of consumers and innovation, “IPTV.iQ” software is constantly updated and improved. If there is anything we can not offer today, we will offer it tomorrow!


It is an electronic program guide – a comprehensive TV program and descriptions of shows and movies. Give your customers the ability to easily choose what they want to watch.


Give your customers a convenient opportunity to talk to their friends on “Facebook”, watch videos on “YouTube” and enjoy other benefits of the internet on a TV screen.


Give your customers an opportunity to listen to the radio on the TV screen and turn the TV set into the favourite radio station of your customer.


The Video on Demand module – offer viewing broadcasts at any time convenient for the customer.


Television broadcasts on the computer screen. Offer your customers an opportunity to watch a desired TV program more conveniently and faster!

Time shifting

It is a module for postponing a preview and forwarding the broadcast – offer your customers and opportunity to pause or “rewind” the program or sports event in progress and view it later at any convenient time.

OTT (Over-The-Top)

This is an opportunity to offer our customers online (regardless of what Internet provider you choose) to broadcast and monitor audio and video content to any device (PC, smartphone, Ipad) anywhere in the world.

HD graphical user interface

Ensure high quality graphical user interface and give your customers the ability to manage the system comfortably and easily.

3D, HD

Offer your customers both the usual TV channels and even more impressive HD and 3D channels.

Interface themes

Provide an opportunity to choose a desired colour, change the font size of the graphical user interface, so that the image would meet the needs of even the most demanding customers.




Adjust and customize this technology to existing systems easily. Expand the functionality of the product taking into account the constantly growing needs of customers.

Long-term value

This innovative product is based on the latest technological solutions. Offer services that satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers!


Offer your clients an opportunity to select a language and manage all features more comfortably.

“Mobile IPTV.iQ”

Possibility to watch TV programs on a mobile device and to offer live online broadcasts of TV programs, conferences, seminars and other events on a computer, smartphone, tablet computer.


CMS (Content Management System)

Modern content management system does not require any specific knowledge and makes it easy and quick to upload, edit, delete selected information in the system.

Statistical data

On the basis of monitoring and storage of the data about your clients’ choice, the system provides statistical data. Analyze and expand the list of features and options, satisfying the needs of even the most demanding customers.


Place all the technology support and feature development issues on our shoulders. In case of a problem, ask for professional advice.

Increasing income

By using “IPTV.iQ” software, advertising on a TV screen, e-commerce module, virtual video rental and other services, IPTV provider can increase its sales volume and that of its partners.


Customers are provided with very high quality multifunctional middleware. Due to a significantly higher data compression, as compared to that of a digital television, the quality of images is particularly high. Constant improvement of the equipment allows for avoiding disruptions in service, poor quality images and other interruptions.

Ready to use

The software is ready to use today! If customers have individual needs, system adjustments are made very quickly.

Integration with account management system

The software can be linked to any account management system. For example, when using the e-commerce module and IPTV provider’s account management system, the appropriate amount for the goods purchased will be added to the user’s bill.

Content protection

Multifunctional middleware “IPTV.iQ” is the ideal solution that allows its user to control the set of external services by means of authentication and authorization principles linked to the service accounting system. Moreover, the software is compatible with many content protection systems, such as SecureMedia, Verimatrix, Widevine.


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